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If you do one thing, make your editors and contributors work like bloggers. Espouse transparency and accessibility. This is what builds trust and connection with your audience. Nudge writers off the cliff into the cacophony of social media, and redefine enterprise journalism to encompass not only reportage, but also building an audience of followers, and responsibility for driving traffic to their own work product.

Print is Dead! Long Live Print? | TechCrunch

Can’t find anything in this post with which I disagree. Can find much in this post that is MUCH HARDER TO EXECUTE than it sounds.

Instead of beta testing a product, we beta tested an idea and integrated the feedback we received from our readers early on in our product development process. This strategy far trumps the Lean Startup method of rushing a product to market. It means a lot to future customers to be in on the ground level and feel as though you’re truly building a product specifically for them and the issues that keep them up at night.