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pre-commerce is “buying stuff that doesn’t exist yet”.

In more grown-up words, it’s a framework for companies to cheaply establish market demand for a new product idea and acquire the cash flow to produce it.

Pre-commerce is the retail industry answer to the startup industry “MVP” methodology. In Silicon Valley and its extended kingdom, the MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a method used by budding entrepreneurs to evaluate their ideas in a cheap and risk-free manner.

- Kickstarter and the rise of pre-commerce, etc.

yongfook - Pre-commerce

And anecdotally, I was told last night
a) that it’s commonplace for people with lots of followers on Pinterest to be offered money to pin certain items;
b) that such offers are frequently accepted;
c) that such “sponsored pins”, for lack of a better word, are almost never disclosed as such.

This bothers me; it feels as though it’s advertising dressed up as editorial.

- Felix on Pinterest ethics questions. What about those FTC disclosures, aye.

Felix • Pinterest ethics questions